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Making healthcare convenient and accessible to all

Our venture was founded with intention of disrupting the healthcare industry. Traditional healthcare operating models focus on obsolete delivery systems that marginalize patients. We seek to change this through our robust applications. By incorporating enterprise-grade video and audio capabilities, end-to-end encrypted patient data, and intuitive design, we have created a seamless virtual experience for patients. Moreover, our application eliminates time and space constraints making it easy for healthcare professionals to practice and patients fulfill their healthcare needs.

In the future, we want to build our capabilities to create solutions to target the inequalities that persist in the healthcare system. At the same time, we continue improving our products to provide the ultimate healthcare experience to our users.


Our Products 

Rophe Telemed

Book appointments and consult with professionals anywhere, anytime through our user-friendly and platform-independent application.

Rophe Wellness

Improve your emotional well-being with our stress management tools and access to teletherapy with our licensed therapists.

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